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Top/Bottom Hedge Fund YTD

Amongst the funds that have reported for March, we see close to a 100% dispersion between the worst and best Strategy. We also note that some of the outliers are trading systems rather than actual hedge funds. A future update may reclassify these.

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QQFundcom – Investment Program 164%
Plus EV Capital – Raise Alpha Prog63%
World Cup Advisor – Larry Williams Mini S&P43%
Henrik Hallenborg – Hedgehog43%
World Cup Advisor – Kurt Sakaeda Lunar Cycles35%
World Cup Advisor – Eduardo Ramos Volatility Cycles34%
World Cup Advisor – Andrea Unger East & West30%
World Cup Advisor – Kurt Sakaeda 2018 WC Championship26%
Morris Capital Australia Pty – Morris Al23%
Longboard Asset Management LP – Managed Futures Strategy-14%
Audentia Capital Sicav Plc – 360 World Bond Fund-14%
District Capital Management – Diversified-15%
Quantitative Investment Management – Global Program 3x-16%
Smith Futures Management – Liberty Program-17%
NuWave Investment Management – Stock Index Futures Portfolio-19%
Conquest Capital Group – Conquest STAR (UCITS)-29%
3iQ Corp – 3iQ Global Cryptoasset Fund-32%
World Cup Advisor – Tim Birch TradeNav Automation-41%
World Cup Advisor – Lananh Dang-44%

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