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New CTAs – Last week’s registrations

As a new experiment, we are scanning the NFA’s website for managers that have recently registered as a CTA or CPO. Below are the most recent registration. Some of the managers are clearly established, but have recently decided to register new entities or launch a new business model. At some point in the future, these managers may also become part of our database.

331041T Rowe Price Associates IncBaltimoreMarylandUnited States
524860Clarendon Alpha LlcBostonMassachusettsUnited States
525416Elliott Investment Management lpNew YorkNew YorkUnited States
525540Russell Equities Management LlcAthensGeorgiaUnited States
525832Lee Overlay Partners LimitedDun LaoghaireCo. DublinIreland
525956Mintmark Capital LlcSarasotaFloridaUnited States
525991Transatlantic Investment Partners LlcEl CajonCaliforniaUnited States

Sign up for the underlying database and a user account here (free).

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