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Crypto Hedge Funds

While we traditionally have a focus on CTA and more traditional Hedge Fund strategies, we also keep track of the growing Crypto Hedge Fund trader space. In the database, we currently have some 500 live trading strategies (including the graveyard we have 616 strategies).

Most of them are “Digital Asset Allocators”, where they allocate capital to a number of different coins within the quality spectra. Others are more sophisticated, executing arbitrage strategies and spread trading strategies. These tend to have a lower correlation to Crypto Assets.

With an average return of 233% (!) YTD and volatility of 110% (!), this is clearly the best performing strategy group. But, as shown above, we also note a large dispersion among the manager.

Using the constituents of the NilssonHedge Daily Crypto Index, we calculate the median, upper and lower quartile results for the index managers. Clearly, most of the managers have a high beta to BitCoin (which is a reasonable benchmark) but have generally outperformed. BitCoins, at the end of October, is up around 120% for the year, which compares to the Daily Crypto Index, with a result of close to 480%.

To add the Free Crypto Manager Database to your account, follow the link below.

To get a quick understanding of the returns and risks generated in the space, check out our dedicated ranking page.

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